Blue Cross Society of Tanzania
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What is Blue Cross Tanzania
Is a non governmental organization, democratic organization, politically and denominationally independent, working with the issue of alcohol and other substance abuse, seeking to improve the quality of life through love, faith and freedom to all people. It promotes abstinence as a basic tool to avoid or overcome dependency on alcohol and other substance abuse.
Our Motto
"Blue Cross Society Tanzania thinks that alcohol and other drugs constitute a serious threat to the dignity and freedom of many peoples and their societies".




Awareness Creation and Preventive work

We are dealing with preventive work to minimise substance use among high-risk populations especially young people and children. Epidemiological studies have shown that most addictions start in adolescence, and when a teenager's pleasure-chemical systems aren't fully developed and then get wired to depend on substances for feeling good. Many of our clients are young people and need treatments to overcome the problems they are facing.


Drug rehabilitation programs at Blue Cross Tanzania, provide education on substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction and chemical dependency, as well as the necessary emotional and spiritual support for recovery. We feel it is important for each patient to understand the symptoms and progression of substance abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. We enabling clients to better understand how the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction have affected their lives as well as the lives of those around them. All clients participate in both one-on-one counseling and small group sessions focused on recovery oriented issues.



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